October 13, 2022 – Canadian entertainment history is being made with the launch of the Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame (CANSHOF) and by the naming of the inaugural CANSHOF Inductees.

“On behalf of the Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame Committee, we are incredibly proud to announce our first Inductees into the CANSHOF,” said Rick Skene, CANSHOF founder and Committee Chair.

John (Frenchie) Berger
Celine Fournier
Charles Fournier
Marcel Fournier
Tom Glass
Alex Green
Robert (Bobby) Hannah
Dwayne McLean
David Rigby
Jacob Rupp
John Scott
Jerome Thibergien
Betty Thomas
John Thomas
John Wardlow
Keith Wardlow

“Whether it is a blockbuster movie, a hit television series, or a commercial or video game production, each of the CANSHOF Inductees has had a profound impact on the stunt community and screen industry,” continued Skene. “The new CANSHOF will formally pay tribute to the ground-breaking work and dedication of Canada’s stunt professionals. In addition to the Inductees, members of our community who were taken before their time are also remembered and honoured in the Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame ‘In Memoriam’ section. In collaboration with ACTRA National, we are pleased to celebrate the accomplishments of the Canadian stunt community.”

“I am proud to honour and spotlight the significant careers of the very first Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame Inductees,” said Eleanor Noble, ACTRA National President and ACTRA National Stunt Committee Chair. “Stunt professionals are ACTRA members who sacrifice themselves to masterfully and safely bring creative visions of action — to life! We honour them for their legacy of work and all they have contributed to the evolution of our world-class stunt community here in Canada.”

About the CANSHOF:
The Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame Committee (Rick Skene, Colin Decker, Mike Scherer, Steve ‘Shack’ Shackleton, Ana Shepherd, Lori Stewart, and Amy Szoke) is dedicated to honouring and serving Canada’s professional stunt community coast-to-coast-to-coast. The website serves as an online historical archive to celebrate the body of work that has established Canada as a world-class action film destination. www.canshof.ca


Rick Skene: stunts@CanSHOF.ca
CANSHOF Founder, Committee Chair
ACTRA Stunt Coordinator, Performer, National ACTRA Stunt Committee Member