In Memoriam: Wrapped but never forgotten

This page is dedicated to those members of our stunt community who have sadly been taken from us. You live on in our hearts and continue to walk beside us in our memories. Our Canadian stunt story would not be what it is today without you.

Marc Ackerstream
John (Frenchie) Berger
Tom Bishop Sr.
Lou Bollo
Curt Bonn
Richard Bradshaw
Dean Copkov
Amanda Dellapenta
Natasha Denis
John Dodds
Jocelyn Clark
Rick Faraci
Celine Fournier
Charles Fournier
Marcel Fournier
Alex Green
Jo-Anne Lang-Hannah
Joel Frederick Harris
Suzi Horton-Ifill
George Joseph
Henry Korhonen
Chris Lamon
Tony Morelli
Brent Myers

Kevin Rushton
Morris (Moe) Santia
Darren Shahlavi
David Soo
John Thomas
Robert (Beef) Thomas
Glen Thompson
Anton (Tye) Tyukodi
Clay Virtue
Leonard (Len) Wagner
Keith Wardlow
Billy Williams