We are pleased to announce with the generous support and sponsorship of ACTRA National, the launch of the Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame (CANSHOF).

Induction into the CANSHOF honours the outstanding contributions and careers of Canadian stunt professionals. Canadian stunt performers have been integral in the success and development of our screen industry in Canada and around the world.

Each year, with induction into the Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame, we celebrate, recognize and remember outstanding individuals in our stunt community.


Stunt professionals may be considered eligible for the CANSHOF if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Are current ACTRA members in good standing.
  2. Or, are past ACTRA members who were in good standing during their period of membership.
  3. Achieved their first professional union/accredited stunt credit at least 30 years prior to the current induction year.
  4. Have:
    a. Established a reputable body of work as a stunt professional.
    b. And/or made a significant contribution to the stunt industry.
    c. And/or made a significant contribution to the stunt community.
  5. Have demonstrated integrity and professionalism throughout their career.


ACTRA stunt community members in good standing are eligible to make submissions for consideration.


Submissions are to be made using the online form and should include:

  1. A brief written statement explaining the reason the candidate should be considered for submission.
  2. Supporting documentation such as resumes, media including video and photos, testimonials, articles, etc., is highly recommended to assist in the selection process.
  3. The names of three ACTRA stunt community members in good standing that support the submission.


Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame Committee:

  1. Shall be comprised of individuals appointed annually by voting members of the ACTRA National Stunt Committee (ANSC) at their annual meeting.
    a. CANSHOF committee selection should be included in the ANSC agenda and the appointments documented in the minutes.
    b. The CANSHOF Committee should consist of an odd number of members (minimum of 5, maximum of 7) with consideration given to regional representation.
    c. Committee members shall serve a 3-year term.
  2. Is established to facilitate and administer all work/business related to the CANSHOF.
  3. Shall ensure all submissions have met eligibility requirements.
  4. Shall ensure all submissions are complete and verified and are adequate in substance and organization to be suitable for a consideration by panel.
  5. Shall establish deadlines and facilitate the call for submissions annually to all branches.
  6. Shall assemble a Panel of veteran Stunt Professionals annually for consultation in the selection process.
  7. Shall determine the voting process and supports for the CANSHOF Panel.
  8. Shall provide a Chair and Administrative Executive, in a non-voting capacity, to facilitate the work of the CANSHOF Panel.
  9. Should a member of the committee no longer be able to serve, the committee reserves the right to appoint a replacement.


  1. The CANSHOF Panel shall be comprised of at least 5 and not more than 7 veteran ACTRA stunt professionals who shall be the voting members for all CANSHOF submissions.
  2. Panel members may be comprised of a combination of previous inductees from the CANSHOF and/or other veteran stunt professionals and should include regional participation as much as possible.
  3. Upon review of all submissions, Panel members may contact the CANSHOF Committee, branch stunt committees and/or communities for any further information deemed necessary to make informed decisions about any CANSHOF submissions prior to voting.
  4. Panel discussions and deliberations about CANSHOF submissions shall be confidential including, but not limited to:
    a. The deliberation process
    b. Discussions of merits of individuals
    c. Voting results
  5. The Panel, Chair and Administrative Executive may make recommendations to the CANSHOF Committee for future changes or improvements to ensure the integrity and political neutrality of this important voting body.
  6. The CANSHOF Panel shall determine their voting procedures, but shall include;
    a. Successful inductees shall be determined by the majority vote.
    b. The Chair provided by the CANSHOF Committee shall only vote in the event of a tie.
    c. A voting process where secret ballots and/or electronic voting is permitted.


  1. All submissions shall be permanently retained and kept in the candidate’s file for future consideration. There is no need to re-submit annually.
  2. The CANSHOF may raise or lower the number of inductions from year-to-year as appropriate.
  3. There is no set number of inductees required per region, per year.
  4. The CANSHOF reserves the right to deny submissions and remove Inductees resulting from behaviour detrimental to the ideals and objectives of the Canadian Stunt Hall of Fame.


  1. The Committee shall present the inductees, as voted on by the CANSHOF Panel, to the ANSC for review.
  2. Barring any substantiated objections from the ANSC, the slate of inductees shall be considered ratified.

Submission information coming soon.